Why God has given choice to choose only two relations in life?

No one can live happily without relation or association with each other. In our entire life we are surrounded with many relations. The very first relation is introduced when we born. We have to consider all the relations which are related to Mother’s and Father’s relations. There is NO CHOICE. Uncle-Aunty, Brother-Sister, Cousins – all these relations are pre decided prior to our born. There is no choice in all human relations except to choose Wife/Husband and Friend. Do you ever think about it why only two relations are not pre decided?
Creator always has choice but their creation never have any choice. They have to adopt what is available. Wife or Husband is special in everyone’s life. They are creator of next generation. Two different personalities have to live together to prove they are made for each other. In this relation their sharing, give & take, love & hate is almost equal compare to other relations. Parents give more to their children and take very less from children but this equation gets changed in terms of Husband-Wife relations. After getting married this is the relation on which we fully depended for rest of life. A wife leaves her parents’ house and a husband compromises with his all other relation to keep focus on life partner. Both have to loose something to become ONE.
A friend is the person with whom we can share secret of the life. Apart from Husband or Wife this is another relation which influences life very much. A friend makes life miserable or happy. Again, this is also the person from different culture/region having some similarity with our personality.
These two relations not only based on emotions but some intellectual qualities are also desired to maintain it.

These two relations come in life without having shadow of any other relation.

Probably these would be some reason we choose them & maintain the relation.

Happy Friendship Day.


💚 I am in Love 💚

Every person experience love in life. When someone in love he or she feels like king or queen. That time they are very positive, excited and energetic. These are the key attributes to live successful life. Unfortunately when days pass we forget these feelings and first time love feeling hide somewhere in our daily routine life and we welcome negativity, anger and frustration in our life.

So why can’t we keep alive “I am in Love feeling forever.”? IMG-20170623-WA0000




😍 Love is not to do everything for her. It is something to understand her and that is satisfaction for her. 💖


Limitation of love ❤

Love always requires response and reaction.

If you love someone beyond the limitation definitely you will be happiest person in your life.

Be responsive in love and react.img20170519092132.jpg


Are you in love 💞

Why do you love someone?

Love is associated with pain but this pain gives a pleasure. It’s like a Rose🌹 with prickles. If you love you will get pain as well. Any one who are in Love can understand and feel it.